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What We Do

1. Psychological treatment 

2. Letters and Reports*

*Please note that this service is not provided by all our psychologists. If this is a service you are looking for, please mention this when booking your first session.

Our Services Explained


At the clinic, our practitioners are treating psychologists 
  • Psychological treatment involves an initial assessment phase for your psychologist to gain a clear picture of the difficulties you are facing – this may at times include psychometric assessment measures and formal clinical interviewing
  • The assessment phase allows your psychologist to determine your diagnosis (where appropriate/beneficial); or if diagnosis is less important it will guide treatment
  • Your psychologist will be able to work out a treatment plan based on the most beneficial evidence-based treatment for your particular concerns


Letters and reports are not a standard part of psychological treatment 
  • You can discuss with your psychologist any needs you may have with regards to letters of support or psychological reports (e.g. to NDIS, Centrelink, insurance companies, etc.)
  • Report writing is at the discretion of your psychologist, as not all of our psychologists provide this service
  • This service also does not form part of treatment and will be charged separate to your treatment sessions
  • Reports attract GST

What We Don't Do

1. One-off assessments for report writing purposes
2. Formal assessments for insurance purposes, Work Cover, court-related matters or otherwise
3. Neuropsychological assessments, ADHD assessments, or assessments for diagnosis of Autism

Therapy Session Fees

Registered Psychologist

50-minute session

$210 – $220

($93.35 medicare rebate)

Clinical Psychologist

50-minute session

$240 – $270

 ($137.05 medicare rebate)

Clinical Psychologist

90-minute EMDR session


Letters & Reports

APS recommended fee of $300/hour spent

(this fee may change depending on the clinician)

We are not a bulk billing clinic

Group Therapy Fees

– Group therapy programs range from $80 – $100 per 1.5 hour session

– Groups typically run for 6 weeks (although particular groups may run for longer)

Medicare Rebate

Clinical Psychologist: rebate per session is $137.05

Registered Psychologist: rebate per session is $93.35

Group Therapy rebate with clinical psychologist: $34.80

Group Therapy rebate with registered psychologist: $22.55

There are no Medicare rebates for reports 



(if you wish to access funding through work cover, NDIS, or insurance companies, we can issue you an invoice so you can claim it directly with them)



Mental Health
Care Plan

Visit a GP and get a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP). This plan allows you to obtain Medicare rebate for 10 psychological sessions in a calendar year via the Better Access Services. Please book a long consultation with your GP as completion of the plan can take 30-45 minutes. Clients are encouraged to register for the Medicare Safety Net  to obtain higher Medicare rebates after the safety net is reached. Medicare rebate can be obtained for face-to-face, phone or video sessions.

Eating Disorder
Treatment Pathway

The Eating Disorder Treatment Pathway offers people an option to be referred under an Eating Disorder Care Plan (EDP) for a total of 40 sessions per calendar year. This type of referral is offered to people who have an eating disorder, who meet specific criteria, and who wish to engage in psychological treatment to directly target the eating disorder. The psychologist also needs to provide specific evidence-based treatment approaches based on criteria for this referral pathway. Please speak with your psychologist to check if they can accept this type of referral and then visit your GP to check if you are eligible. 

Chronic Disease
Management Plan

The Chronic Disease Management (CDM) referral (previously called EPC) is a referral option for people who experience a chronic medical condition or complex medical care needs for a minimum of 6 months. It provides Medicare rebate for 5 sessions with an allied health professional. Please check the eligibility criteria with your GP.


Please check with your private health fund as they may offer rebates for Psychological Services 

under ‘Extras’ – these will differ based on your individual private health.