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Run by clinic director, Dr Ea Stewart


Topic: Improving self-esteem 




Price: $100 per 1.5 hour session – 6 Sessions per program (Medicare rebate of $33.45 per session available with valid referral)


Description: This 6-week group therapy program will offer you a safe and supportive space where you can explore, understand, and improve your self-esteem. Our program is designed to help you develop a healthy sense of self-worth and enhance self-confidence. Dr Ea Stewart will take you through evidence-based techniques aimed at helping you deal with unhelpful thoughts and feelings about yourself by understanding and making shifts to underlying beliefs and other contributing factors. Through group discussions, experiential activities, and personalized feedback, you will gain insights into your self-esteem, identify areas for growth, and learn practical techniques to improve your self-esteem in various aspects of your life. We are committed to helping you foster a positive relationship with yourself and achieve a more confident, authentic, and fulfilling life.



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What is a Group Therapy Program?

Simply speaking, group therapy is similar to individual therapy, but with more people. A group therapy program, however, is focused on a specific issue rather than trying to treat multiple issues for each individual. 


For example, a group therapy program could focus on treatment for social anxiety (or self-esteem, anger issues, stress management, depression, etc.)  and everyone in the group would have similar concerns. Therefore, the treatment can focus on that one particular issue for all the group members.  

What is involved?

As mentioned already, group programs focus on one specific issue so the treatment is usually very structured. That doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to offer insights or learn about your concerns, but rather that the sessions keep everyone on track with what the program is aiming to teach you. Commonly, these programs will help you understand the issue you are attending for, the reasons behind these issues occurring, strategies and techniques that can help you improve these issues, and learn how to gain long-term change. 


Why choose group therapy?

Group therapy programs can be used as stand-alone short-term therapy that targets a particular issue. It can also be used as an adjunct to your individual therapy. 


The benefits of group therapy include: meeting other people with similar struggles; having your experiences normalised and validated by hearing from others who have gone through similar things; learning from others about the ways in which they have navigated these issues; working together as a group to problem-solve how to apply strategies and techniques.


Further benefits of groups

 Group therapy can also have the added benefit of acting as exposure to meeting unfamiliar people, opening up and being vulnerable in front of others, and gaining new viewpoints on the issues from other people. 


In saying that though, for those who struggle to open up and would rather listen and learn silently, group therapy programs are a  great way of learning about your concerns and how to deal with them better without having to do all the talking yourself. Lastly, group programs are time-limited, structured, and more cost effective. 


What group therapy IS NOT

 A group therapy program is not the same as a support group, which typically involves everyone in the group sharing their stories and supporting one another. Instead a group therapy program is a psychological therapy intervention covering one particular area, which means that it follows evidence-based treatment methods. While all group members are encouraged to provide some information at various points throughout the therapy program, it will be guided by the therapist to ensure everyone stays on topic so every member is continuously learning about the issue that they came to learn about.  


Our Group Programs

We will have various groups running at the clinic throughout the year, focusing on different issues. Group program topics that we are passionate about providing include: 

– improving self-esteem (using a combination of approaches)

– learning to build meaningful relationships (using a process-informed approach) 

– stress management (using CBT and solution-focused approaches) 

– learning to regulate emotions (using DBT skills) 

– living a fulfilled life (using an ACT approach) 


Please let our lovely admin team know if you might be interested in any of these groups and if there are other groups that you would like to see at the clinic.