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Attachment-Based Therapy

Theory &

Attachment-Based Therapy is built on the theory that as adults we are shaped by the early attachment styles provided by primary caregivers.


It is based on the idea that strong early attachment to at least one primary caregiver is necessary for children to have a sense of security and the supportive foundation they need to: 1) freely interact with their environment, 2) explore, 3) learn from new experiences, and 4) connect with others.

Therapy Aims

This type of therapy aims to help individuals who have experienced ruptures in relationships with significant others and have a broken sense of relational trust with others 

This treatment approach focuses on rebuilding this relational trust by working towards: emotional expression; repairing early negative attachment styles; and, enhancing capacity for secure and trusting relationships.

The Therapy Approach


With individual adults, the therapist aims to help the client overcome the effects of negative early attachment issues by establishing a secure bond between the client and the therapist.

Once this relationship is solidified, the therapist can help the client communicate more openly and better explore and understand how their current feelings and behaviors are associated with earlier experiences.